Rotary capping machines are designed for closing various types of containers by the screw on, press on or twist-off caps.

Rotary machines are mainly designed for closing of packaging of smaller size and also for closing of containers with the problematic closures (e.g. closures with a low thread). Containers are fed from the conveyor to the stepper rotary table and moved underneath the capping station where the lid is served by the feed mechanism to the closing head and the container is closed.

There are again two models.

Capline ROT 1 is one-step capping machine - in one step it always takes and closes a bottle. Maximum performance is 2500 bottles / hour.

Capline ROT 2 closes in one step two bottles, ie., that the rotary table is rotated by two positions in each step. Maximum performance Capline ROT 2 is 5000 bottles / hour.

The tightening of screw caps is performed by the head with magnetic clutch and it achieves a precise torque.

Automatic orientation of caps is provided according to the type of cap by using rotary, vibration or belt orientators, in two-step machine feeding system is duplicated.

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